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The mission of the Mind Muscles Academy is to invite you into the next stage of your life. Our mission is to give you the tools and support you want to move from internal frustration, conflict and self-criticism to rapport with yourself and the world.

Many of us repeat the same behaviors that no longer serve us over and over again. These behaviors are driven from beliefs and survival mechanisms we acquired a long time ago when we had few options. We have developed habits that are easily triggered. It feels like our world conspires to keep us struggling. This struggle then becomes a self-fulfilling cycle. We keep trying so hard to end the struggle from the state of struggle.

What would you like you life to be like?

What if you had at your command the neuroscience model of behavioral change? What if your increased awareness allowed you to accept and celebrate all the conflicting parts of yourself that in the past kept you in your struggle?

What if stepping into a new world of change feels better, honors your values and moves you to your goals?

All of our online courses, group meetings, private coaching and written, audio and video products are laser focused on expanding your creative abilities to open new doors to expanded beliefs and behaviors that serve you better.

Courses to help traders up their mental game and increase profits.

Money and Wealth 

Build a healthy relationship with money and wealth with Private Coaching.

Health and Wellness

Programs for addiction, weight loss, sports training and more coming soon.

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What Our STUDENTs Are Saying

What do our past students think of the course?

I am unable to wrap words around what happened in our session this morning. Thank you for a most amazing experience. The safety I felt to even go where the sensations led says much about who you are. Your compassion so genuine, I felt supported throughout. I thank you again for your attention, kindness and generosity. With much gratitude, -MJ."

MJ., Texas

MJ, Texas

Futures Trader

Rich, the cocky clanger drill fit me to a tee! Too bad I did not know of it year ago. Looking back, I can now see where I started to change from confidence to cocky. They were small signs, but they were very plain to see with this exercise. I am now starting to get control when I am not on my game and to step back and protect my capital. When I am not “on,” being in no position can be the best position."

Joseph Luiz, Trader

Joseph Luiz


Wh​at You'll Be Learning

What does the actual course content look like? Watch this video to get a sample of the course content and how the lessons will be laid out.




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